Best Indoor Games for Kids

A snowy or rainy day usually means no school for kids. It also means that your kids have more time to kill. Although many parents typically dread these days, others see it as an excellent opportunity to spend some quality time with their children.

Here is a great list of fun and exciting indoor games for your kids, with some parent-kid bonding activities on the side.

Scavenger Hunt

If you have not done a Scavenger Hunt recently, then you just are not living life to the fullest! A scavenger hunt is a great indoor game and is all about finding different items from a list in specific rooms or areas.

First, you should find a few things around your house that you would like your kids to locate. Then grab a pencil and a few pieces of paper. Depending on the number of kids and how many items you would like the kids to find, you could either write the list of items by hand for each child, or you may type it up on your computer and then print out the copies.

In case the items that need to be found will be in challenging hiding spots you may write a few clues next to every item on the list. Now all you have to do is hide everything! Your kids would love the challenge and adventure.

Make a Sensory Table

Do you recall the slimy thrill of slowly sifting the hands through a bucket full of ersatz eyeballs (also known as peeled grapes) at your local haunted house? If you do, then this activity is significant as it offers almost the same thrills but without the nightmares.

All you have to do is fill a series of washing basins or bowls full of textured objects—we still think that peeled grapes are an excellent choice, as is steel-wool pads, cold cooked spaghetti, cornstarch, or even dry beans. When you finish, blindfold your kid, and have him or her sift their hands through, and then describe what they feel. And then challenge them to guess the object.


Choose a few of your children’s favorite tunes and then crank up the volume. Ask your kids to dance until the tune or music stops. When it stops, they need to freeze in whatever positions that they find themselves in – yes, that is right, even in case they have one of their legs up.

To make this game even more challenging, you can ask your kids to freeze in certain poses such as shapes, animals, letters or even yoga postures. Keep in mind that toddlers in particular love this indoor game.

Make a Racetrack

All you need for this game is a roll of painter’s tape or masking tape to wow the kids! Use it to tape off highways and streets in every room carefully. You may let your city take over your entire house! Your kids will love to push their mini toys cars down these roads.

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