Luv 2 Party Graphic with the words Luv 2 Party and 3 Kids

Luv 2 Play is your party headquarters to celebrate all the milestones childhood has to offer both big and small! Let us handle all the details and mess, you just invite the guests.

Private Party

50% Non-Refundable Deposit Required at the Time of Booking.

Friday & Saturday 6-8 PM
or Sunday 5-7 PM
+15% Gratuity Added to Every Party
  • Entrance for 30 Kids
  • Includes Birthday Child
  • Unlimited Adults
  • 2 Hours in Private Facility
  • Party Host
  • Assists with Set-up, Decorations, Serving, & Cleaning
  • Kid's Meal (Choice of 2 slices of Pizza/PB&J/Hot Dog)
  • Kid's Drink (Soft Drink or 1 Juice Box/Child in Party Room)
  • Free 1 Month Playdate Pass for Birthday Child
  • 4 Large Pizzas for Adults