Party FAQ

  • 1. What if your facility has to shut down to COVID?

    If we are mandated to shut down by state or local officials due to COVID19, payment of the party will transfer to another party date that we can host the party on. Party deposits and any other party payment are non-refundable but will transfer to the new party date*

  • 2. What if I want to cancel my party after booking?

    If a party guest decides to cancel a party due to contagious illness, hospitalizations, natural disaster, unforeseeable circumstances or an Act of God- you will forfeit the non refundable deposit that was placed at booking.

  • 3. What if I need to reschedule my party after booking?

    If a party guest requests to reschedule a party after booking due to a contagious illness, hospitalizations, natural disaster, unforeseeable circumstances or an Act of God- The party date, time or room modifications must be approved by management. If rescheduling of the party can't occur, the party deposit is non-refundable.

  • 4. What is included with my party?

    2-hour play entry, food and drinks for the party kids, $2 game card for the party kids, and a party host to assist with the party. We do provide plates, napkins, and utensils that are plain, but you can bring in themed party plates, napkins, and utensils.

  • 5. How long are birthday parties?

    Each party is 2 hours and broken down into 2 parts. *The first hour the kids play, and your party room is not available. The Party Room is not available first hours- as we are cleaning the party room and getting the room set up. *The second hour is when you and your guests will enjoy the room. *After your party concludes, you must exit the room. Party Time Example for a 4pm-6pm party At 4pm you and your guests will arrive, and the kids will play from 4pm-5pm. The party room is not ready at that time, your assigned party host will be cleaning up the party room and setting up the space. Then from 5pm-6pm you and your party guests will enjoy the room to eat and sing happy birthday with cake. After 6pm your party has concluded**

  • 6. Can I bring in decorations?

    Of course! Most party guests bring in tablecloths, birthday banners, party centerpieces and balloons. You can bring in themed plates and napkins. *NO CUPS are allowed. Your Party host will assist with the setup. If you bring in balloons, we are not responsible to inflate them. You must take balloons with you at departure, and we do not allow guests to pop balloons at the facility. If you want us to handle the décor, we do offer that upgrade as well! Here is the info listed here under Add On’s:

  • 7. Can I bring outside food or drinks in?

    No, but the following food is allowed. We allow party guests to bring in 3 party trays, they are: veggie tray, fruit tray or sandwich tray. We charge a $5.99 service charge per tray. Party guests are allowed to bring in a cake, ice cream and party favors. *Food and drinks for the kid are provided with in the package, if you want to add on additional food items for the adults, you can through us. Please refer to the platter menu:

  • 8. What is Luv 2 Play Sock Policy?

    Socks are required for BOTH kids and adults to enter our facility. If you do not have any you may purchase some- $4 for adults and $3.50 for kids.

  • 9. Updated Health Wavier

    All guests coming to the party must update a health waiver. To have a smooth party for all your guests, please encourage them to complete the waiver ahead of time. Here is the waiver link:

  • 10. Here are items allowed:

    a. Banners b. Balloons (balloons must go home with you upon departure) c. Plates, napkins, tablecloths, centerpieces, etc. (NO CUPS!) d. Cake, cupcakes, ice cream and favors (cookies, candy apples, popcorn etc.) e. Most decorations and party themed items are allowed.

  • 11. Here are items NOT allowed:

    a. Alcohol b. Water Bottles c. Outside Food and Drinks *besides the 3 platter upgrades listed on question 5 d. Confetti e. Photobooths f. Cups g. Ice chests h. Pinatas i. Event Planner/Decorator j. Balloon Arches

  • 12. Are characters allowed in?

    Characters are allowed to come in with a party. We allow them to come once guests are in the party room. We recommend Nola Pixie Dust or Petite Princess

  • 13. Is the facility open to the public during my party?

    Yes, we will be opened to the public during your party. We do have private party options if you want the facility privately for 2 hours. Here is the link:

  • 14. Do y’all require a party deposit?

    Yes, we do require a NONREFUNDABLE deposit to reserve your party reservation.

  • 15. When do I handle my final party payment?

    The remaining balance is due AT THE START of your party. If you want to pay with a credit card or debit card, we require an ID to match payment.

  • 16. What is our main safety rule?

    All children must be always supervised as our facility is an adult supervised facility. If children are not being supervised, we will ask you to leave.

  • 17. How can I view party availability and book a party at Luv 2 Play

    You can book a party online now! Click here: