1. What happens if we need to cancel our party after booking? If for some reason your scheduled party has to be cancel, the non-refundable deposit/payment will be forfeited.
  2.  What happens if we need to reschedule our party after booking? If for some reason you need to request a reschedule for your party, management will look to see if there are options. If rescheduling is not available, then the non-refundable deposit/payment will be forfeited.
  3. What is included with my Basic or Basic + Party? 3-hour entry, food, and drinks for the party kids. Luv 2 Play Grapevine does not furnish any tableware (table cover, plates, cups, napkins, silverware, cake cutter). You are welcome to bring in decor and tableware.
  4. What is included with my Ultimate Party? 3-hour entry, food, and drinks for the party kids and adults. Luv 2 Play Grapevine will furnish themed decor (plates, cups, napkins, centerpiece, and birthday banner for 12 kids. Solid color coordinating tableware (plates, cups, napkins, and table covers) will be provided for adults.
  5. How long are birthday parties? Birthday Parties are 3 hours, broken into 3 parts. First hour is play, and your party room is not available. The party room is not available for you until 15 minutes prior to the second hour, this gives staff time to clean and sanitize the room for you and your guests. After your 1 hour in the party room, all food and drink must be put away, and all guests and party items must exit the room to allow staff to prepare for the next party. Third hour kids play. Example: Your party is scheduled 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. 11:00 am – 12:00 pm – your party guests arrive, check-in, and kids play for 1 hour (party room is not ready for you and your guests, but staff can take decor, cake, gifts and place in room). 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm – you and your guests will gather in party room to eat and celebrate birthday kid. 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm – kids play for 1 hour.
  6. Can I bring balloons? We cannot allow helium balloons because they can interfere with the fire suppression system, so the fire marshal does not permit helium balloons in the facility.
  7. Can I bring outside food or drinks? We do not allow any outside food or drink. If you have a party booked you can bring in cake or cupcakes, but no other food or drinks.
  8. Can I bring goody bags? You are welcome to bring in goody bags, but they will need to remain up front until your guests are exiting. As they are exiting, the staff or yourself can hand out goody bags.
  9. What is the Luv 2 Play sock policy? Socks are required for all kids and all adults to enter our facility. We sell socks if your party guests wish to purchase, or as the party host, you can bring in socks for your guests that forget, and staff will hand them out to your guests upon their check in.
  10. Do my party guests have to have a waiver if they are only attending the party and not playing? All guests entering the facility must have a current waiver on file. Insurance requires every guest coming in to complete a waiver prior to entering. Waivers are good for 1 year.
  11. What items are allowed if I have a party booked? Decor, tableware, banner, centerpiece, cake, or cupcakes.
  12. What items are not allowed? Bottled water, outside food, outside drinks, balloons, confetti, glitter, ice cream, pinatas. If these items are brought in, a cleaning fee will be assessed to your party.
  13. Are characters allowed for my scheduled party? Yes, if you wish to have a character come in, you are welcome to do that. We ask they only come in for your 1 hour in party room. Please keep in mind, we are a children’s playground facility, and kids will gravitate to the character.
  14. Is the facility open to other guests and parties during my party? Yes, we will be open to the public during your party. As well, there could be other parties scheduled during your 3 hours in the facility.
  15. Is a deposit/payment required to schedule a party? Yes, a non-refundable deposit/payment is required in order to schedule your party. Parties can be scheduled on our website https:luv2play.com/grapevine-birthday-parties.com
  16. When is my final payment for my party due? The remaining balance will be due once you check in the facility.
  17. What Happens if I have more kids or adults coming to my party than what is included with my party package? We have requirements from the fire marshal that will not allow us to add additional kids or additional adults to your party.